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Hello adventurer, Welcome to L2 L2ICE

L2ICE Live from 20th of December 2017 - 20:00 GMT+1

We are pleased to introduce you our HighFive x50 Craft-PvP Easy Rates for the Winter Holidays!

Invite all of your friends and we are sure you will love playing with us!

Here at L2ICE we're trying to make your play most comfortable and interesting, therefore today we invite players to the Open Beta Testing of your favorite world!

You must understand, if you accept our invitation to the OBT, you help yourself foremost. The more problems we'll solve together right now, the less factors will spoil your play after the official opening of the server!

The participation in the OBT is voluntary - you help our technical specialists, we provide you the opportunity to be the first, who enters our Magic World long before the official start! You are also welcome to participate in our promotional events

By participating in promotions and events can won very useful and necessary prizes!

Best regards, Your L2ICE team!